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Our mission

Everything we do, we do to serve your webshop. Through our automated technology and personal service.

We have tried ourselves to be e-commerce merchants, operating and growing a webshop, packaging and shipping, and spilling coffee on labels, filling the shelves and looking into marketing, going home in the evening thinking about bills, billings and budgets.
So we happen to do technology, data and service that serves you.

We serve thousands of
e-commerce merchants
with more sales
Fully Managed solution growing your sales

We believe in being customer centric - empowering our customers more new business, through our technology, data and service.

That’s why we work passionately, open-minded and dedicated - with great colleges in our ups-and-downs in our daily work.

Management and Leadership

We want a culture that is dynamic, agile for development and execution in reaching a clearly defined strategy working with great & fun colleges. Customers are our focus.

Our culture is also very open, so you’re most welcome to call us for talks and dialogue.

Kasper has been in the online space since before the millennium, crafting online services from the ground up. He started his career in building the early AI and voice recognition solutions for the Danish telco service provider TDC, moving on to specific focus and expertise in online solutions, including service and data portals for SAS, architecting and executing a disruptive tech platform for TELMORE. Enabling online access and data leverage has been the centre of attention for Kasper, and is what sparked the creation of addwish business.

Today Kasper is heading the company, and you will find Kasper in most corners of the office. You will be greeted with a smile, and he always has time for an enlightening talk about the core of e-commerce and personalisation. Kasper has a deep insight into the data and backbone of the company, as well as an extensive knowledge of the market and customers of addwish business.

Kasper Refskou Jensen

CEO and co-founder, +45 4040 0003,

Niels Henrik has successfully developed and scaled tech businesses to become international players, e.g. his latest position was as Founder and CEO of Secunia 2002-2013 (IT-security company, started in Copenhagen, becoming 140 employees, and sold to fund). Prior he has also founded and developed talent tracking software company IT-Recruitment sold to PwC 1999-2001. He has also served as CEO for VeriSign Affiliate EMEA and business development consultant.

Today he serves as Chairman and investor in addwish business handling capital markets, strategy and sparring with the leadership and management of addwish business.

Also investor in PENNEO, Crediwire, and, e.g. Meetix VR, Pento, SupWiz, Forgotten Anne by Copenhagen United, and other private placements.

Niels Henrik Rasmussen

Chairman of Board and investor, +45 2123 4634,

Company history and development

We love e-commerce and serving web shop owners, building technology, data and services. For us being truly successful, we’re close to our customers by handling integration and our dedicated service care. Serving web shops intelligently is done automatically by data and great technology, build and supported by people who want to do difference – we do!

It really started back in 2013
It all started back in 2013 when three tech guys decided to start building tech for e-commerce. For years they had been doing this for one of Denmark’s most successful telco-startups, Telmore. Now they wanted to change the world by serving the e-commerce community by building and expanding the usage of the technology.

Pioneers engaged
Venture capital from one of Denmark’s most successful venture firms in e-commerce invested into developing the technology further and to attract more employees and onboarding of the first customers. Pioneers of customers were on-boarded, and many are still served by x and being influential in the further development of the company’s tech to new frontiers.

Second wave 2015
The company sold to investors, among Denmark’s largest funding partner. This for further new development and expansion of company with a clear focus on being dedicated to serving e-commerce merchants. Within 24 months the company grows successfully to become the market leader in Denmark.

Third wave 2017
Data are getting BIG! We serve hundreds of customers just in Denmark. Over the year more than 1 billion product recommendations serving our customers and our customers gaining more new business. The company grows successfully, also into the Nordics.

Now it's 2018
Com join us in our endeavours and journey!

Have a great day – life is short so get the best
Life at addwish business has a vibe and a tune