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Product recommendations

  • addwish business automatically displays product recommendations which are unique for each and every visitor of your webshop.
  • Recommendations instantly and automaticaly transform your customers experience without you needing to do anything.
  • Personalised product recommendations allow you to tailor your marketing message to the individual and these can be used across your entire webshop to fulfil different sales purposes.


Personalised recommendations on the front-page are the digital equivalent of being greeted by a familiar store assistant. They let customers know they care about the experience from the get-go and can easily tempt them to move on, exploring recommended products.

Product pages

Use recommendations on product pages to cross-sell and upsell complementary products and related items. This makes it easy for your customers to complete their shopping and potentially buy more

Category pages

Use recommendations on category pages to show those high-converting products you know they’ll love – such as discounted or trending products. In this way, visitors don’t have to browse the entire category.

Cart pages

Low-cost extras by the cash register is a classic upselling technique in bricks-and-mortar stores. Use the same tactic in your webshop, placing price filtered product recommendations on your cart page.

Smart algorithms

addwish business offers a variety of smart algorithms ensuring high relevance and great results – whether you are offering high or low priced products or one-time or highly repurchased products.

Track sales performance

In the addwish business admin account, you’ll be able to find key insights, detailed analytics and track sales performance. You can even drill down behavioural visitor insights, track cross-channel coverage, detailed Click-Through rates and conversion rates, preview orders with specific personalisation attribution.

No extra work

Product recommendations, the data collection and synchronisation with addwish business are 100% automated – ensuring the product recommendations across your webshop are on autopilot.

The outcome of personalised recommendations are crystal clear:
increased conversion rate, basket size & retention rate.

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