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Dynamic search

  • Search results instantly appear as soon as the visitor starts typing rather than redirecting to a search results page.
  • The instant search includes product pictures to make results visually appealing and easy to click.
  • Dynamic search automatically corrects spelling errors and intuitively autocompletes as the visitor types, increasing the likelihood for more accurate results.


Dynamic search is the online equivalent of a store assistant who knows all of their products. It instantly points your visitors in the right direction to find what they are looking for.

Improved user experience

A well-functioning search bar improves user experience – especially for returning visitors who are looking for a specific product.


You are in charge of how the design of search bar should look and how it should respond to user interaction. It’s completely customisable.


Search is an essential element of a user-friendly webshop. Most visitors head straight to search function without even looking at category pages etc.

Smart algorithms

Dynamic search is spiced up with intelligence from smart algorithms ensuring high relevance in the search results delivered to the user.


Track insights and sales performance. The addwish business admin interface provide indepth insigths and anlytics on how visitors are interatctig with your search function.

No extra work

When using dynamic search the data collection and synchronisation with addwish business are 100% automated – ensuring your product data are alway up-to-date.

Visitors using the search function are searching with an increased buying intent.
This is why a reliable search is essential when driving online sales.

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