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“It’s been very easy getting started with addwish – their support and service are very good as well as their features have improved the overall sales performance of our webshop”

Magnus Meijer

Owner & Founder,

“Customers converted via addwish features have a 20% higher basket size. Not only that but our statistics show that our customers are 15% more likely to buy a product when clicking on an addwish feature than when they do not.”

Jonas Spott

Creative Director,

“addwish has been extremely helpful in getting personalization integrated into our webshop. With addwish, I look forward to a long-term cooperation with a focus on an improved buying experience and sales performance on”

Kenneth Storm Jessen

Owner, Handelshuset Aulum

“It’s been super easy to get started with addwish recommendations and search on my webshop – and the results are speaking for themselves, I’m very satisfied with the uplift I’ve seen in conversions and avg. order-size.”

Fritz Thomsen

Owner, Kuffert-Thomsen

“We have rarely worked with a supplier who is so interested in adding value to our business and finding solutions that we feel are tailored to our exact needs. The tools available at addwish are amazing.”

Jane Vestergaard


“Besides the clear conversion uplift across visitors interacting with the addwish business elements. I love the fact that addwish listens to their customers – and more importantly, turn the listening into action! This has been key for me, in choosing them as my personalization vendor.”

Johan Starck

Owner, Megashop

“addwish has been a very positive experience. They have helped us increase our revenue without any sort of requirements or effort from ourselves, they solve the challenges that arise and are open to our own crazy ideas.”

Konrad Kierklo

CEO, Miinto Group

“User experience has key priority at Paapi; that’s why the addwish proposition resonated with us. The increased sales performance we see from users interacting with the addwish recommendations are astonishing, a 30%+ higher basket size and 2,5x+ higher conversion rate – what’s not to like :)”

Daniel Rudström

Owner & Founder, Paapi

“Working with addwish has been a positive learning experience for us. Our own ideas combined with their commitment and great solution, we have reached awesome results. We looking very much forward to our continuous collaboration with Addwish.”

Hanna Kjellén

Marketing Manager,

“I can highly recommend addwish. Their features are saving us a ton of time, providing a much better experience for our visitors and definitely increasing our revenue. Conversion rate from visitors interacting with addwish features are 127% higher.”

Nicolai Meldgaard

eCommerce & SoMe manager, Pixizoo

“Throughout 2015 to the summer of 2016, we’ve seen an average conversion rate of 19.38% across visitors who used search on our site. After we’ve adopted the addwish business Dynamic Search functionality, the conversion rate for search has raised to 27.47%. The better search experience through the addwish business solution drives this 41% increase in conversion rate.”

Marcus Eklöf

VD, Sparköp

“addwish was very easy to implement and it allow us to serve customers with personalised recommendations – based on their interests. Our stats shows that customers are more likely to buy a product when clicking an addwish feature compared to those who do not.”

Tobias Johansson

E-Commerce Manager,

“For visitors interacting with addwish features, like recommendations we see a 3.5x higher conversion rate than visitors who don’t. The same goes for searches through the addwish search – here we see the average basket size being 18.5% higher.”

Rashid Waraich


“The addwish business recommendation engine has improved VetZoos basket size significantly – through their ability to always present relevant and related product recommendation. I would also emphasise the remarkably simple implementation process, which was done with no development resources involved from our side.”

Lars Martin Norviit

CEO & Founder, Vetzoo

“We are very satisfied with our cooperation with addwish; they are offering an “all-inclusive concept” including a super simple system setup, as well as being responsive and providing excellent results.”

Rune Kloster

Ecommerce Manager, Zizzi

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