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CFO at Addwish

About the position

The CFO position in addwish involves taking part in the top level management of the company, both teamingup with the CEO and the general managing of the company, as well as heading the designated areas ofresponsibilities.

We are searching for a CFO to perform effective budget management and govern the company financialstrategy. Safeguarding the finance is crucial for meeting the company expected results, as well asestablishing a foundation for transparent reporting and modelling of investments and risk assessment.

You will be heading the finance department of the company, which will be an effective and importantdepartment, ranging all aspects of company financing from actual execution of bookkeeping, accounting andsalary handling to the high-level establishment of budget, risk modeling and company strategy.

As the CFO you will be managing currently one FTE, and we do not expect to scale the department equally to the other departments. This of cause imply implementation of LEAN processes and tooling that must beput into place. We believe in task automation and scale, so it will be in focus to insure intelligent andeffective work on the classic bookkeeping and accounting assignments, so that focus and energy can be put into other priorities.

Profile and requirement

We are looking for a profile that wants to join a high energetic team, building and selling a successfulproduct to the ecommerce market. We are actively selling to the Nordics as well as the netherlands, andplan to reach even further out into the world - so you need to be based locally but thinking in a globalcontext

We would expect from you that:

  • You have experience in working in a finance department in a commercially driven company, eitheras CFO or as chief accountant, managing people and reporting to the top level management.
  • You have been working with company financing, where inside sales is a primary go to marketstrategy.
  • You are skilled in budget planning, financial reporting and risk management
  • You have a high drive, working structured and value to deliver good results on deadline
  • You have been crunching business data to support the general business development, so cohortanalysis and unit economics is your home turf
  • You are able to understand SaaS business models and value proposition, in order to work deeplywith the financial strategy of the company
You would be working with:
  • Department management as well as taking part of the company management team.
  • Budget planning, creation and follow-ups
  • Liquidity analysis, and financing
  • Reporting and forecasting
  • Company stakeholder with annual reporting
  • Company stakeholder with contracts and legal advisors
  • Insuring that actual bookkeeping, salary and office hold purchase is handled.

About the company

Addwish is a Copenhagen based Saas company, building a successful series of tools and service offeringsfor the SMB ecommerce market. We are handling customers all over the Nordics, and have started openinga very promising market in the netherlands.

We are 4 different nationalities in the office, located just opposite of the main central station. We arealmost 30 people, either young of age, or young at heart, it doesn't matter - what matters is that weapproach our work with high energy, professionalism and a customer centric attitude. The working dayincludes lot’s of high fives and good fun with the colleagues, help and support all through the company.

If you wanna know more, grab a hold of our CEO- Kasper - either call him for a chat on the phone or schedulea time to drop by and see the surroundings, meet the people behind the company and get to know moreabout the position

Contact details:

Kasper Refskou Jensen, CEO
+45 40 40 00 03 /

Addwish needs a CFO

Addwish needs a CFO